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Summer Appeal 2015
June 27 – September 7


The Abode of the Message needs your help to reach its fundraising goal of $150,000 by Labor Day, 2015. For all those who love the Abode and the Sufi message, please give generously to take advantage of a $25,000 matching grant provided by Vimala and Gabriel Steadman. Read the full appeal from Fazl Peay, board member and friend of the Abode.

Our progress:*

$203,691 / $150,000

*Total includes all donations to date pledged and in-hand.

Donate Now

If you would prefer to give via postal mail, please send a check made payable to the Abode of the Message, c/o Jennifer Alia Wittman, 5 Abode Road, New Lebanon, New York 12125.

Any questions can be directed to

The Abode of the Message is the sacred home of the Sufi Order International – North America. All donations go through the Sufi Order’s online fundraising software, Donor Perfect. Progress bar will be updated daily.

11 thoughts on “Support the Abode”

  1. Peace be with you!

    How often will the progress status bar be updated throughout the day?

    May the Bountiful Lord open up the way.

  2. There is no obvious place to designate where the money goes. I put a note in the field about making a donation in honor of someone. You might suggest that (or something better) in the instructions for donating.
    Thanks, Manal

  3. Just wanted to induce a donation though found this to be not possible for a Non-US mureed. Please inform how to proceed.
    I view the Abode as the center of the Sufi Order International.
    Kind regards from Vienna, Austria, Europe,
    Hans Espabad

  4. How often is the progress bar updated? It hasn’t moved since last night and I made a contribution this morning that should have affected it.
    Ayaz Kelly

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